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PRIVATE LESSONS in home or studio, for ages 9 and up, all experience levels.  Contact me at the phone number or e-mail address listed at the bottom of the page for further information on availability and pricing in your area. 

DRUM TUNING, REPAIR, AND REFURBISHING for individuals and institutions, performed on-site in most cases.  Drumset tuning includes setup ergonomics consultation.  

LIVE OR RECORDING PERFORMANCE for all styles: rock, pop, jazz, latin, etc.  



A good musician is not necessarily a good teacher.  Being effective requires patience and the ability to address each student's unique circumstances and abilities.  An elementary school band student and a fifty-year-old hobbyist have vastly different needs, and recognizing those needs is crucial to successful motivation and progress.  Not every student will become a serious musician, but every student can benefit from learning to drum.  Lowered stress levels, a sharper mind and increased self-esteem are some of the rewards to be enjoyed by both young and old. 


Students are taught to read and write standard musical notation for snare drum, drumset, and keyboard percussion (if needed), using a commbination of proven textbooks and personalized worksheets.  Playing along with recorded music is incorporated into lessons, putting to use the student's expanding vocabulary of rhythms, and maintaining the "fun factor" that attracts most students to the drums in the first place. 

Drumsticks, a music stand (with light), and a practice pad are all that is initially required, but students can usually begin playing the entire drumset within a few lessons if one is available to them. 

For drumset players, lessons are geared toward achieving versatility of playing styles, beginning with basic pop/rock beats, and expanding into jazz, blues, latin, etc.  Jazz drumming skills are especially emphasized for those students who have the opportunity and desire to play in a school jazz ensemble.  Students also learn the basics of song structure in order to gain an understanding of how the drums fit into the "big picture" of a musical composition, regardless of style. 

For students involved in concert band or orchestra at school, lessons typically include ongoing study of intermediate and advanced rhythms and techniques applicable to all percussion instruments, as well as the aforementioned drumset studies. 

Lessons for adults typically emphasize playing actual songs as much as possible, whether the goal is playing with a live band or simply playing along with recordings just for fun. 

For all students, an emphasis on fundamentals is maintained, as this is crucial to success! 



PHONE: 630-393-0065

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